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What is Find It @ Purchase?

The Find It @ Purchase button helps you search for the full text of an article across all the Library's many subscription databases. It is based on a service called Full Text Finder which uses OpenURL technology to link from a citation in one database to the full text in a different database.

"Find It" saves you time!  Without it, you would have to search several databases separately to locate the full text of an article. You can also use the Find It button to request  an article via Interlibrary Loan.

In most of our databases, "Find It" looks like this:

image of the "Find it @ Purchase" button. It includes a pink library logo (an L inside a circle) followed by the text "Find it @ Purchase"

How do I use Find It @ Purchase?

To use the Find It button, complete your search as usual in one of the Library's databases. If the full text is not available directly from that database, you will see the "Find it @ Purchase" button next to or below the citation.

Click on the "Find It" button to open a menu, usually in a new browser window. The Find It menu indicates whether the Library subscribes to the full text of the journal in another database.

Here is an example of the "Find It" results menu for an article:

Example: The article in this image, titled "The Social Media Response to Black Lives Matter: How Twitter Users Interact with Black Lives Matter Through Hashtag Use," is available through a database called Taylor and Francis, which provides coverage for the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies from 1998 through the present. Just click on the link(s) to access the full text!

  • If we subscribe, you will see a list of databases that provide the full text of the article (see image above). Simply click on one of these links to connect to the full text!  You can then download, email, or save the full text of the article from the new database.

    Sometimes the full text is available as a PDF, while in other databases (particularly newspaper databases) it may be presented in HTML.
  • If the full text is not available online, you will see different options, including:


What should I do if there is no full text for the article I want?

We try to provide full text for our users, but Purchase College Library does not have online access to every article ever published!  Some articles are too old to be available electronically. Some journals are prohibitively expensive. Many journals have "embargoes" or "blackout dates" where a publisher chooses not to provide electronic access to the most recent issue(s).

Don't give up! If Purchase College does not own a journal in print or does not have electronic access, you may request a copy through Interlibrary Loan. Electronic articles are often received via Interlibrary Loan in as little as 1-3 business days!

screenshot of a find it results menu showing the full text finder results for a different example article. It says Full Text Finder Results: Resources Located for this Citation: Search the library catalog for print holdings. Below that, it says Unable to find full text? Request this item through interlibrary loan.

Example: The article in the image above, titled "Preliminary Thoughts on the Neurobiology of Innate Unconscious Structures and the Psychodynamics of Language Acquisition," is not available in full text because it was published too recently. Purchase College Library has online access to the Journal of Analytical Psychology from 1955 until the present, but with a full text delay of 1 year. Because this article was published in November 2017, it will not become available online until November 2018. You can still get it through Interlibrary Loan by clicking the link.

Why are there multiple options for the full text of some articles?

The Library sometimes has overlapping subscriptions to electronic journals. (See image below). In most cases, full text access comes directly from the journal publisher’s website. However, many of our electronic journals come from aggregators like EBSCOhost or Elsevier's ScienceDirect. Often, the coverage dates for these journals differ. We make multiple options available to you in case of service outages or different coverage dates. You may also prefer one database interface over another.

If you see several links to the same article in your "Find it @ Purchase" results, check the dates to make sure the database you choose covers the year the article was published. If the coverage dates are all the same, just start at the top with the first database listed and work your way down!

Example of find it results window. The example article is available in several different databases . It says Full Text Finder Results: Resources Located for this Citation: Find this article from Literature Online, from Project Muse, From Literature Online: LIon, from Research Library. Coverage dates are listed after each database link.

Example: This image shows that the journal Lion and the Unicorn is available in full text in several library databases. This article, titled "My Gay Agenda: Embodying Intersectionality in Children's Literature Scholarship," was published in 2017. Based on the date of publication, Project Muse (the second link) is probably the best choice. Project Muse has coverage from 1977 to the present without a full text delay, whereas Literature Online (the first link) has coverage only from 2003 to the present, with a 1 year full text delay.

How can I report a broken link or other problem?

If you encounter any technical problems, please let us know!  You can text the library at (914) 873-1711 or email


As always, if you have any trouble finding the full text of an article, please ask a librarian for help! 

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