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You can print remotely from your laptop to library printers in the DMZ and Reference Computer Commons!

Who can use web printing? 

Anyone with a current Purchase email account and print allocation from CTS can use the Papercut Web Print system to print from a personal laptop. Web printing works from anywhere in the Library, as long as you are connected to wifi (either PurchaseWifi or PurchaseGuest networks).

There is no wireless printing for visitors unfortunately. Visitors should ask the Reference Librarian about guest printing options.

How does Web Print work?

To print wirelessly from your laptop, the standard "print" buttons in Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and other applications do not work. Instead, you must upload the file you wish to print to the Papercut Web Print system. To print wirelessly, follow these steps:

1. Go to on your laptop and log in to Papercut with your Purchase username (firstname.lastname only) and your Purchase email password

2. Select "Web Print" in the lefthand column

3. Click "Submit a Job"

4. Select a printer from the list, depending on whether you need to print in black & white or in color. Choose one of the following:

  • vsprint02/Reference_Xerox_BW (virtual) [black & white only]
  • vsprint02/Reference_Xerox_Color (virtual)
  • vsprint02/DMZ_BW (virtual) [black & white only]
  • vsprint02/DMZ_Color (virtual)

**Do not select any other printer or your job will print out in a different building!


5. Click "2. Print options and Account Selections" in the lower right

6. Select the number of copies you wish to print and click "3. Upload Documents"

7. Drag file to the "Drag Files Here" area or click "Upload from Computer" to find and upload the file you wish to print.

8. Click "Upload and Complete."  You can track the status of your job in the chart on the final screen. The status may say "submitting" or "rendering" for a few minutes, depending on the size of your file.  When the job is ready, it will say "Finished: Queued for printing." 

9. You may now go to the appropriate printers in the Reference Computer Commons or the Digital Media Zone to collect your printouts. Depending on the number of jobs sent by other users, it may take a few minutes for your job to print out.

Where do I pick up my printout? 

When you print wirelessly from your laptop, your job will be sent to the printer you select.

The Reference_Xerox_BW and Reference_Xerox_Color printers are located on either side of the Reference Computer Commons area on the first floor, facing the Popular Film Collection and Academic Film Collection, respectively.

The DMZ_BW and DMZ_Color printers are all located in the front of the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) on the first floor of the library.

**Please pick up your printouts in a timely fashion to avoid clutter and recycle any papers you do not need!

How much does it cost?

Printing wirelessly costs the same as printing from a public computer in the Library. Printing remotely through the Papercut Web Print system automatically deducts the cost of the job from your CTS print allocation. At this time, any document you send to a color printer will be charged at the higher color-print rate, even if the document is in black & white.

For more information about print allocations, adding money to your account, and per-page costs, see the CTS Print Management Page. Print allocations are managed by CTS.

What files can I print?

You can wirelessly print Word, Excel, Power Point, XPS, PDF, RTF, BMP, DIB, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files. You can print documents in black & white or in color. At this time PUB and PSD files cannot be printed wirelessly (you can save Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop files as a PDF, JPEG or PNG for printing).

What should I do if I can't find the document I printed?

Depending on the number of jobs ahead of you in the print queue and the size of your file (large files take longer to process), your web print job could take up to 15+ minutes to print. Most jobs print much faster than that, but please plan ahead and make sure you give yourself adequate time to print and retrieve your documents (i.e. don't wait until 5-10 minutes before your class begins to print your homework assignment!)

Here are a few tips & troubleshooting tricks you can try if you don't see your printout:

  • Check that the status of your job in Papercut Web Print says "Finished: Queued for printing" and does not say "submitting," "rendering" or "error"
  • Verify which printers you selected in the Papercut Web Print system and double-check the name posted on the printer itself
  • Make sure your document is in one of the acceptable formats listed above
  • If all this is good, try sending your job again to another set of printers
  • If you can't print anything from Web Print, email the file to yourself and print it from one of the library's desktop computers
  • If your document fails to print, you may be eligible for a refund. Contact CTS by calling 914-251-6465 or visiting the Helpdesk in Social Sciences 0025. All problems with Web Print should be directed to CTS.

Log in to view the CTS FAQ "WebPrint Remote Printing over Purchase WiFi" for more screenshots and instructions!

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