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Q. Does Purchase College have an online plagiarism tutorial for students? How can I implement this tutorial in my classes?

Can a professor assign and implement the Purchase College Academic Integrity Training Module in his/her course?

Answered By: Darcy Gervasio
Last Updated: Sep 04, 2018     Views: 1366

In 2013, the Purchase College Plagiarism Task Force developed an online training module designed to combat plagiarism and cheating and promote academic integrity and intellectual honesty on the Purchase campus.

All instructors are encouraged to deploy this training in their classes. Here are some tips and guidelines for implementing the tutorial.


How the training works:

Titled “Academic Integrity at Purchase College,” the training module is a stand-alone Moodle shell.

This Moodle course is open to guests. Students self-enroll in the course, where they are lead through a series of learning activities involving videos, narrated slideshows, college policies, etc.  There are five modules covering: citation, paraphrasing, Purchase College policies, help and support, and ways to avoid cheating. 

January  2014 Academic integrity badge.


After each module, students must take a quiz and answer four out of five questions correctly to move on.  At the end of the training, students are presented with a set of ten “case studies” or scenarios involving cheating or plagiarism. Students must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass the Academic Integrity training. Quizzes are multiple choice and are automatically graded by Moodle. Students may retake quizzes until they pass.  Note: The "Getting Help" module does not have a quiz.

Once a student passes the final quiz with a score of 80% or better, they will receive an “Academic Integrity Badge” on their Moodle profile (badge is pictured to the left).


How to access the Academic Integrity Moodle:

1. Direct students to the Academic Integrity Moodle by linking to the module in your individual course Moodle or via email.

2.  Anyone can view the course materials, but students must enroll to take the quizzes and earn the badge. There is no enrollment key for this course. It is an open course, so students need to self-enroll by following these steps:

a. Go to the Academic Integrity Moodle Course.

b.  Click on "Administration"-- this could be in a block in the right- or left-hand column or docked on the left-hand strip, depending on a student's individual settings/preferences.

c.  Click "Enroll me in this course" in the Course Administration menu. (See below)

d.  Click the blue "Enroll me" button at the bottom of the page.

d.  You should now be enrolled and receive an email confirmation. Once you are enrolled, just click on any quiz to get started!

Purchase College Academic Integrity Moodle page. "Enroll me in this course" option highlighted.


How to verify students have completed the training:

After a student passes the final ten-question quiz with a score of 80% or higher, he/she will receive an Academic Integrity virtual badge.

It's up to each instructor to decide how to incentivize students to complete the tutorial. During the pilot, instructors had success when they assigned it as a homework grade or made completion of the tutorial a requisite for receiving a grade on their first written assignment. 

There are three ways to verify students have earned the Academic Integrity Badge:

1. Ask students to print and bring to class the final screen of the last quiz using their browser’s printer features. This screen shows their score on the final quiz and lists their name at the bottom. You could also ask students to email you a screenshot of this page. (This option is good if you plan to count their quiz score for a grade).

Academic integrity quiz results page. Grade highlighted.


2. Ask students to forward you the email confirmation from Moodle. (This is helpful if you prefer electronic submission.)  

Academic integrity confirmation email.


3. Ask students to print or send you a screenshot of the Badge Details page. (Printing badge details is helpful if you want to make sure students completed the training by a particular date).

How to print your badge:

  • Click your name in the upper right corner of Moodle
  • Click “Profile” from the pulldown menu
  • The Academic Integrity badge should appear in the Badges section
  • Click on the badge itself for details (badge issuer, date earned, student's name, etc.)
  • Print using the browser's print options or email a screenshot (i.e.: Ctrl+P on a PC or Command+P on a Mac)

In your Moodle Profile, Click on the badge to reveal the Recipient Details. Print the Details page for more information about when and to whom the badge was issued (lists date course was passed).

Academic integrity badge recipient details.

NOTE: All badges are displayed on a student’s profile and visible to the student. Currently, instructors can only see badges they have issued/setup themselves in their own Moodle courses; instructors cannot see badges students earn from other Moodle courses (i.e. the self-contained Academic Integrity Tutorial). 

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