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Yes! The Library has over 6,000 recordings on vinyl discs (LPs).  Our LP record collection is located in the Music Collection on the First Floor of the Library. The Music Collection has turntables for playing LPs that can be used with headphones. There are also listening rooms in the Media Resource Center. You can check out headphones or ask to unlock a listening room at the Circulation Desk.

To listen to an LP, you will need to look up the call number in the Library catalog, find the LP on the shelf, and bring it to the Circulation Desk to check it out.

Call numbers for LPs begin with the word "Disc" and include the name of the record label, plus a number: 

e.g.: Disc Apple 519 or Disc RCA 237 or Disc Sera 60001.


LPs on shelves in the music collection.

To search for vinyl LPs, it's best to use the Library's local catalog.
We do not recommend using the Main Catalog (Books/Media Search) to find LPs. The search limiter in the Main Catalog that says "Limit Search to: CDs" refers only to compact discs. Vinyl LPs are not included in this limiter. 

To find a specific vinyl record, please use the Library's local catalog

  1. Go to "Advanced Search" and type the title, composer, or performer in the first search box. Select "title" or "author" from the pulldown menu to refine your search. (Composers and performers are both listed in the catalog as "authors.")
  2. Type disc* in the second search box and select "Call Number" from the pulldown menu to limit your results to vinyl LPs only. You must include the asterisk (*) after "disc."  (Note: Similarly, you can search for CD* or DVD* under "Call Number" to limit your results to only CDs or DVDs).
  3. Click "Go" to view your results.
  4. Once you've found an LP you want, write down the entire call number starting with the word "Disc"
  5. Find the LP on the shelf in the Music Collection and bring it to the Circulation Desk to check it out!

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To find a complete list of LPs, or if you don't have a specific recording in mind...

  1. In the "Advanced Search," search for disc* and select "Call Number" as the field.
  2. Leave the other search boxes blank OR type in a genre, music style, or other keyword into the second box and leave the limiter set to "All Fields" or to "Subject," as desired.
  3. Under "Format," select "Recordings and Scores" from the pulldown menu.
  4. Click "Go" to view your results.

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