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There are two group study rooms, 2001A and 2001B, on the 2nd floor of the Library that students can reserve to study in groups or work on group projects. Follow the procedure below to book a room. Note, you can use the same process to book a Digital Audio Suite.

Group study rooms can be reserved for a maximum of three hours. Please read and adhere to code of conduct posted in each room. These rooms are located within a Quiet Study Area, so please be mindful of noise and keep the door closed. These rooms are designed for group work. For individual work, there are individual study carrels in the Silent Study Area on the Lower Level that do not require a reservation.

Important Note: Reservations are not final until you receive a confirmation/approval email. 

Not a Purchase College student, staff, or faculty member?  Call the Circulation Desk at 915-251-6401 to ask about study room availability.  If the rooms are not in use, you can ask a Circulation Supervisor to use them.

To reserve a room, use the RoomBook (campus calendar) system.

There are two ways to access RoomBook:

a) Go to the Current Students (or Faculty and Staff) page. Click "RoomBook" in the "Quick Links" menu.


b) Go directly to


1. Once you've opened RoomBook, Sign In with your Purchase email username and password in the upper right.

2. Check the availability of the room you wish to book. Use the Search Locations search box under Quick Search. Type "group study" into the search box to see all bookings for both group study rooms at once. You can search for LIB 2001A or LIB 2001B to see bookings for one specific room. (Note that you must include a space between LIB and 2001)

3. Once you've determined when the room you'd like to book is available, click on the room name linked in blue (either LIB 2001A or LIB 2001B).

4. Go to Actions on the upper right menu bar (next to the gold gearshift icon), and choose Create an Event in this Location from the dropdown menu. (Or, from Roombook's Home screen, click the green button that says "Create an Event"). Don't see "Create an Event in this Location"? That means you are not signed in. See step #1.

5. Fill out all required fields indicated by a red asterisk (*) to create a reservation request. Press "Next" to move on to the following screen. Follow the guidelines below to make sure you fill out each field correctly:  

  • For Event Name, add your name or the name of your study group.
    For example: “Biology Midterm Study Group” or “Annie Jones--Sociology study group.”  
  • Under Event Type, select Meeting from the list provided.

  • Under Primary Organization for this Event, select "Student" from the menu.  If you don't see "Student" as an option, start typing the word and it will appear. Note: Faculty and staff should choose “Faculty And/Or Staff" or their administrative unit (Academic Affairs, etc).

  • For Event Description, enter a brief explanation of what you plan to use the room for.
    For example:  “Studying for Intro to Psychology Final” or “Rehearsing Group Presentation”

  • Under "Does this event have more than one occurrence, " select "NO."

  • Under "Tell us WHEN this event takes place," select the date and times for your reservation from the menus. Group study rooms and digital audio suites may be booked for a maximum of 3 hours.


  • Under Event Locations, you should see the room you chose earlier listed under "Selected Locations" in the far right column

  • If you do not see your room under "Selected Locations," just click "Search by Location Name..." and search for LIB 2001A, LIB 2001B, or LIB 2001 to retrieve both rooms. (You must include a space between LIB and 2001). 

    If there is a conflict with another reservation, you will see a red "caution" symbol. If there are no conflicts and the room is available, you will see a green checkmark. Select the room from the list and make sure it is listed under Selected Locations on the far right. Click "Next."

  • You may leave Event Custom Attributes, Event Categories, and Comments & Notes blank. Just click "Next" to continue through these sections.

  • Under Event State, select Confirmed and click Save to submit your reservation request.

You will get a confirmation email once your reservation has been approved or denied.

Denials may occur if there is a scheduling conflict, a room is not for public use, the Library is closed during your booking, etc. 

Once you have received the confirmation/approval email, check in at the Circulation Desk at the start of your reservation, and a staff member will unlock the group study room for you. When you are finished using the room, please return the key to the Circulation Desk staff, who will then check the room’s condition. Patrons are responsible for any damage to the rooms.

Please Note: Reservations are not final until you receive a confirmation/approval email. If you are requesting a room for immediate use and you have not yet received a confirmation email, please check with the Circulation Desk staff to confirm whether the room is available.

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