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Nexis Uni (formerly known as LexisNexis Academic Universe) is a subscription database that allows you to access law reviews, legal research, company profiles, newspapers, etc.  Here are some tips for using Nexis Uni.

1. Accessing:

Access Nexis Uni from the Library's Databases A-Z list.  

Signing in is NOT required! If you encounter the sign in screen below, just click "Continue as guest" in the lower right of the Nexis Uni home screen. 

The "ID and password" boxes on the Nexis Uni home screen do NOT refer to your Purchase ID, but to a free Nexis Uni user account you may choose to create. Creating a user account is optional; it lets you save searches and store items in folders on the Nexis Uni platform. If you desire to create a Nexis Uni account, click "Create a profile now." (Not required).

You still have access to all of Nexis Uni's content in guest mode.

If you are off-campus, you will first sign into the Database Authentication screen with your Purchase ID and password, then you will click "Continue as guest."  See our FAQ on off-campus database access.

screenshot of Nexis Uni home screen. Click Continue as a Guest in the lower right


2.  Searching:

The "Guided Search" is often more helpful and retrieves narrower results than the simple search box at the top.

To use the Guided Search:

  1. Select the type of resource you're looking for under "What are you interested in?"  This allows you to narrow your search to news, a specific publication, a specific legal case, law reviews, company information, or country information. 
  2. Enter your search terms in the smaller search box to the right that says "enter keywords or subjects." You must enter search terms for the Guided Search to work. 
    1. Keep it simple-- don't overload this search box with too many terms or ideas at once!
  3. Depending on your search type, various additional menus will appear, such as publication title search or date range or company name. Fill these out, if desired.
  4. Click Search.

Here's an example of how to search within law reviews. The same principle applies for looking up news, publications, cases, company profiles, etc. 

screenshot showing how to use guided search to find law reviews


3. Troubleshooting:

If you have problems accessing Nexis Uni, try these tips:

  1. Make sure you access Nexis Uni from the Library's website, not from a Google search.
  2. Clear your browser's cache/history and try again.
  3. Try accessing Nexis Uni from another browser (i.e. if you are using Safari, switch to Chrome or Firefox).
  4. There have been reports of Nexis Uni sometimes not working correctly on Windows PCs from off-campus. Nexis Uni appears to work correctly on Macs from off-campus. 
  5. If you are unable to get Nexis Uni to work from off-campus, we recommend you visit the Library and use our lab computers. 
  6. Finally, we want to hear if something isn't working so we can fix the problem! Please take screenshots of any error messages you encounter and email the E-Resources Librarian Carrie Marten ( or the general Library email:

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