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How do I print a document in color?

My document keeps printing in Black and White even though I sent it to the Color printer.
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The library has six color printers:

  • a Dell color printer in computer lab 1004B (Mac lab)
  • a large format Xerox Phaser that prints 11x17 in lab 1004B (Mac lab)
  • 2 large format color printers in the DMZ on the main floor (Macs & PCs)
  • 2 large format color printers in the Reference Area on the main floor (PCs only)

For more info on printing, see our FAQ on prices and locations of color printers on campus.

There's a trick to printing in color: You must select the color printer in the Print menu AND make sure the document is set to print in color under "Printer Properties."  The name and location of "Printer Properties" or "Printer Options" may differ depending on what software you are using (Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Viewer, Paint, iPhoto, Apple Preview, etc). When in doubt, look for terms like "properties," "options," or "printer features."

Follow follow the steps below to print in color on a PC or a Mac.

PC Instructions (for DMZ or Reference Area):

If using Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Power Point:

1. Go to File> Print.  Select "DMZ_Color" or "Reference_Xerox_Color" from the list of printers. 


2. Select "Printer Properties" under the printer name.

3. Navigate to the “Printing Options” tab. Look at the bottom for "Output Color.”  If you wish to print in color, make sure that "Color" is selected from this menu. Click OK.

4. Back on the main print screen,  click the “Print” button.  The CTS dialog box “Print Job Notification” appears. Verify one last time that you’ve selected the color printer, then click “Print."  You're good to go!

Note, if using Microsoft Photo Viewer, you have to click "Options" to get to "Printer Properties":

Microsoft Photo Viewer requires you to click "options" then "printer properties"


Mac Instructions (Lab 1004B):

If using Microsoft Word or Power Point:

1. Go to File>Print. If the full Print menu does not open, click on the blue arrow to expand your view.

On a man use blue arrow to open more options on the print menu


2. Select "Dell Color Laser" or "Xerox Phaser" from the list of printers.

3. From the dropdown menu in the middle of the box, choose "Printer Features."

print menu. choose color printer and then "printer features"


4. In the Printer Features menu, select "Color" under "Output Color."  Next, click "Print."

Printer Features Dialog Box: Choose "output color: Color"

 5. The CTS dialog box “Print Job Notification” appears. Verify one last time that you’ve selected the color printer, then click “Print."  You're good to go!

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